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“Ada’s coaching has been truly life-changing, personally and professionally. It has been the single biggest impact on my growth as a founder and CEO, and by extension the progress of our company. 

As a first time founder and manager, I was struggling to find mentorship to keep pace with the needs of our company as we grew. As a founder herself, Ada was able to understand from personal experience many of the challenges we faced. She’s exceptionally good at delivering a blend of no nonsense coaching and tactical advice, for people who want to learn from someone who has been in the trenches themselves.

Thanks to Ada, for the first time I have a model of leadership that feels truly authentic to me, one that has supercharged my abilities to be the best CEO I can be. The values she has helped me define for myself have become a north star for the rest of my life.”


“Where do I start?

In March 2022, I was about 3 months into an acquisition that had basically quadrupled our annual revenue and expanded our team fivefold. I was struggling to figure out how to adapt to these overnight changes, and some aspects were starting to feel overwhelming.

Serendipitously, I came across a post offering executive coaching services by Ada, which caught my attention. Up until that point, I had not been a big believer in business coaches, but I was impressed by her trajectory and the breadth of experiences she had amassed.

Nearly 2 years later, Ada continues to help me grow as a leader, and together we work through new challenges, from creating an environment where my team can succeed, to aligning our vision and mission with our roadmap, to navigating complex financial situations.

Ada brings unbiased, fresh perspectives to problem-solving, and she doesn’t dance around constructive feedback—which is how I roll. I highly recommend her to any founders looking to accelerate their growth.”


“Ada’s operating experience from startups to publicly traded companies gives her a unique perspective that makes her incredibly valuable. She’s able to support me on multiple levels, not only business metrics but also talking through a specific emotion or situations. Bottom line, working with Ada is a Win-Win – my employees get a better leader, and I live a more fulfilled life.”


“Working with Ada has been a transformational experience for me. I’ve grown enormously professionally, personally, and emotionally as a leader and CEO with her guidance.

Ada strikes the right balance of honest and direct with warmth and caring. She is able to walk up and down the spectrum of issues with you whether it’s cofounder relationships, personal emotional management, strategic guidance, to tactical growth advice. She has a knack for creating an environment where you feel comfortable bringing up the scariest topics (which usually are the most important) and helps unpack and work through them together. Not just in a therapy kind of way but in a “let’s figure this out together” kind of way.

I consider her expertise one of a kind and our company is in a much better place for it. I know you’re probably looking for some quantifiable metric to prove the impact and I wish I could give that to you but Ada’s guidance goes far deeper than that. I’m an exponentially better leader now than I was before working together and the company has benefitted tremendously from that, often in intangible ways. I’m extremely grateful to get to work with her and I look forward to every session!”


“I was always skeptical about business coaches. I wasn’t looking for someone to serve me platitudes or frameworks, and most coaches didn’t have relevant experience. 

Ada is different – she’s been in the seat, and that has allowed her to help me across every level, from the practical to the theoretical to the personal. She has been invaluable to my growth as a founder and leader.”


“The three most important attributes in my search for an exec coach were experience, perspective, and accountability. I wanted someone who could relate to being a co-founder, provide specific feedback to blindspots, and then guide my follow-through. Ada has done all of that, and more. One of my favorite exercises was on the topic of setting boundaries across work and life. This was huge; we worked together to prioritize activities that could give more return on fulfillment, relationships, and finances. I’ve experienced a big change, and it’s one of the many things she continues to guide me on. If you’re a co-founder/exec that’s felt stagnant in growth or are looking for someone that can push you to your next level, I would highly recommend Ada.”


“Ada’s coaching during the highs and lows of running an early-stage startup was invaluable. Her ability to help me develop clear frameworks for complex decisions, reflect on what is most important during chaotic moments and improve consistently as a leader were absolutely crucial to being the best CEO I could be.”


“As a founder who has run companies herself, Ada brings a lot of experience and insight into the coaching experience. She really takes the time to understand me as a person, and has supported me through some big moments like redefining my role at my company. She has really helped me level up as a leader.”


“Every single conversation that I have had with Ada has been useful, with zero exceptions. Having a coach that has actually gone through the mud of being a founder provides Ada with a unique ability to provide a constant stream of clear, actionable insights that are invaluable to me. I can confidently say that I would be in a significantly worse position as a leader, co-founder, and CEO without her help.” 


“Ada started coaching me and my co-founder at a time when we were growing our team. As a first-time founder and a new parent, I used to feel self-doubt around my capacity to contribute as much as the company needed. Working with Ada has given confidence and conviction in the decisions I’m making as a founder. She’s helped identify, apply, and amplify my superpowers, transforming the way I lead the team. It’s no coincidence that during the time we worked with Ada, we not only built a team and culture we’re really proud of, but also achieved product market fit. 

Several times, Ada has helped me identify when interpersonal friction on the team was in fact a management issue. She guided me on how to leverage my strengths to mediate the conflict, and we not only resolved the issues but even better, strengthened our team’s relationships as a result. She unlocked a higher level of honesty and psychological safety at our leadership ranks which has had a ripple effect on the team.

One of Ada’s superpowers is her ability to understand a person’s psyche after a short conversation. Ada gained quick familiarity with our company’s most important stakeholders, which enabled her to coach me on tailoring my management style based on each individual’s motivations. 

Ada’s my secret weapon in becoming the leader I want to be. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without having worked with Ada.”


“I have grown as a person and manager because of working with Ada. Her years as an operator allow her to both coach and offer applicable insight. This combination, coupled with her superpower of quickly distilling information and understanding context, helped me navigate complex situations.

For example, our company went through a layoff and my conversations with her gave me the confidence to keep my team focused and assured. I recommend anyone searching for a coach to talk with Ada.”


“Ada was super helpful in helping to refine, triangulate, and operationalize a few major career decisions. Ada’s lived perspective as a post-exited founder in corporate helped me validate (and invalidate) specific assumptions I had about the pros and cons of the professional paths I was contemplating. Her reflective-about-the-ends approach also resonated with me a lot and I appreciate her support.”


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