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✨I’m an executive coach✨

Exciting news to share— I’ve started a part-time exec coaching practice for founders and executives looking to scale themselves as they scale their teams. 🚀

How did I get here?

For many years now, I’ve been working with founders as a growth and marketing advisor. In addition to those topics, I was always fascinated by the conversations on leadership style, work/life balance, and personal development. As we scale our businesses, how can we ourselves scale as leaders? Figuring out how we can operate at our best is often the linchpin to unlocking the potential of the teams we’re building. This spurred my initial impetus to start coaching, and as I started working with founders I’ve found I love the work! It’s incredibly energizing and meaningful for me to help.

Why is this stuff important?

As a founder myself, I can empathize with the challenges of trying to scale yourself while building the best for your team. Here are a few themes that you may find relatable.

Leadership can be incredibly lonely. Sometimes it feels like everyone is looking at you to project confidence and set a vision when you don’t feel it.

Your role is changing under your feet. The skills that got you here aren’t what you need to get you there, particularly in areas like communication, navigating conflict, and people management.

It’s a struggle to balance personal with professional. The pull of your business and team can pull the balance of time spent on personal priorities out of whack. All of us are wearing multiple hats, not only as leaders but as partners, parents, community members and more.

It’s a rollercoaster to tie your identity and emotions to your business. Finding a way to build your resilience and stamina to the shocks of business building is a huge factor in staying the course.

I wish I had had someone helping me in my early career as a founder and executive. Not to tell me how or what to do, but to help me figure out my own unique leadership style and navigate these roadblocks when I hit them the first time. There are many successful models of leadership, but finding one that is authentic and aligned with my values was critical in helping me grow into my new role.

Who do I work with?

I work with leaders who are scaling themselves to the next level and want a partner in their personal and professional journey. My coaching is informed by my experiences as a founder and executive in Silicon Valley. I’m a 2x founder (Notejoy, ConnectedHQ acquired by LinkedIn), former SVP at SurveyMonkey, and have worked everywhere from tiny startups to large companies. I’m also an avid hiker, hit-or-miss experimental chef, and wife and mom.

My approach to coaching is personalized and pragmatic. I don’t believe in there being one right answer, but I do believe in finding the personalized answer for you through curiosity and reflection. On the pragmatic side, leaders seek coaching because they want to make a change but they’re getting stuck. My role is to provide the accountability and support to move them forward.

Get in touch

Let’s chat if you’d like to learn more! Contact me