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Back in Business

To follow up my earlier post about my Apple MacBook cracking, I visited the store and it took “5 to 6 business days” for them to replace the case of my MacBook. But voila, I’m back in business!

Apple’s done a fantastic job of cultivating its clean image of virus-free dependability, but I’ve definitely had my fair annoyances this month with their products. Real information is few and far in between, but some old Gartner research suggests a standard 15–20% average failure rate for laptops and this press release from SquareTrade claims they did a study with Sony/HP as the most reliable laptop brands with Gateway, Apple and Acer at the tail. I’m skeptical of unsubstantiated studies (no record can be found on their website) but the double digit failure rates suggested in both these articles make me want to buy an extra harddrive. Blech.

I’ve been in New York for the past few days — reminded again of why I don’t like it from the hot, humid weather. It was a fairly productive trip, and I was glad to get the chance to catch up with friends. I noticed two funny New York sidewalk walks. First, there’s plenty of people who passively engage in a game of chicken, where in a crowded sidewalk people charge each other and veer off at the last possible moment before collision. The second one, I call the “Blackberry strut,” where women in short and tight pencil skirts and three inch heels walk front and center in a sidewalk very v e r y s l o w l y. While obstructing traffic, and tap-tap-tapping at their Blackberries. Hah.

More updates to come later but in the meantime Jared wants me to post my results for his quiz:

I am an Engineer — Play Free Games