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Facebook and RockYou on Performance Marketing for Social Media

I attended 80/20 Conference, an interesting performance marketing event earlier this week put on by Jay Weintraub. Lots of interesting content there besides this, but posting my quick notes below on a session called “Sustainable Monetization of Social Media Inventory” from Facebook and RockYou.

Sarah Smith, Online Sales Operations, Facebook
Mihir Shah, VP Ad Network, RockYou


  • 15 billions ads & 200 million uniques served each month. 60% of social media traffic.
  • A third of their revenus is based on performance marketing
  • The challenges of monetizing the Facebook platform is that there’s a high number of impressions per user
  • RockYou differentaites by compliance with Facebook ad guidelines, which protects publishers and delivers better ROI
  • They consider campaigns to be structured in three parts: 1) start the campaign; 2) server-based optimization based on pub & geo targeting and creative testing; and 3) targeting based on creative, age/gender and impression testing.
  • They find that advanced targeting works well for small campaigns but can be difficult to work at scale.
  • Despite the common impression, some direct response advertisers are actually finding performance marketing on social networks to be good at paying out. Netflix is one of these, and many game installs are similar.


  • The conversation for marketers begins with authenticity. People’s activities are tied with their unique identity.

FB has 300 million users:

  • 13–17–41 million
  • 18–24–93 million
  • 25–34–87.3 million
  • 35+ — 84.6 million and fastest growing segment

FB tips for advertisers:

  • promo codes perform quite well, and asking questions within ads
  • Rotating ad creatives is important, even if it’s just color. Ad creative decays quickly from user fatigue and saturation.