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Hit-list of my favorite Flash games

I play a looooott of Flash games, and thought I’d show off a few of my recent favorites.


KABOOM! Blow up bombs to get the guy to the door. Simple enough, right? Riveting, slightly random and sometimes downright frustrating puzzles are addicting with the perfect progression of difficulty. I will warn you that the moment I started to play this game, it quickly sucked up an epic proportion of my free time to beat it. For some reason although dissimilar in type, the appeal is reminiscent to the game Totem Destroyers which grabbed me in the same way. Congrats to the folks at Ninja Kiwi for coming out with a game which rivals Bloons for addictive engagement.


A polished little puzzle game from the Candystand portal. This is a deceptively simple game of matching gems to create larger gems against a time limit. At a certain point, game play becomes much slower and strategic in the higher levels. Even though there’s no story line or plot, they threw in this odd little section where the points you earn are “cash” which buys you hotels, limos and jets to build a mini-empire. Despite the oddness of the addition, collecting things adds an oddly compelling impulse to keep on playing the game just to see what happens when you buy every single item possible. I haven’t done it yet despite multiple tries — let me know if you do!


This game is really fun. My first try to get through this game on a dry run was 3 minutes 12 seconds. How did you do? =) I did a bit of Googling and just realized thanks to FreeGamesNews that this is actually an installment of a Moss platform series by the developer Ian Adam.

Duck, Think Outside the Flock

The perfected result of Bart Bonte’s tinkering (you can easily see the progression from his past game Fields of Logic), Duck Think Outside the Flock was a relatively short but very riveting puzzle game. The basic rule for this game can most likely be summed up almost as simply as ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’ I like the rate at which the level of difficulty ramps up, and there’s a good balance between discovery and logical thinking. Turn up your speakers for the cute quacks. 🙂