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The End of Cheap Russian Music may be reaching the end of its days with a new Russian law in place. Uh oh!

I’ve become more and more reluctant to adopt products and services from smaller companies because in all likelihood they will have dramatic changes or not be able to stick around. A few that I love and use regularly are Pandora (music), Meebo (web-based IM), and Wikispaces.

To reference my last post about Facebook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg told everyone to calm down and breathe. I agree with how it’s not a big deal (but still don’t like it), but what?! React to user response! Add an opt-out to ‘classic mode’ to view friends, allow cancelling the stalkerfeeds if they want, and let everyone get used to it first. I will say — now that I’ve gotten over my initial response, I think the Notes feature is pretty cool. It’s unearthing blogs from friends I know distantly that I didn’t even know had blogs. 🙂

Ada Chen