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The World of Flash Games

Opening at Flash Gaming Summit

We just wrapped up Flash Gaming Summit on Sunday and it was a packed event with lots of interesting discussions and thoughts come out of it. There was a good mix of games-related companies, game portals and independent developers. I thought the most interesting conversations came discussion around Flash games intersecting with multi-player, virtual MMOs and social games. As games increase in quality, richer multi-player experiences enable them to increase the engagement beyond the majority short-form content that exists today into content that drives repeatable plays. One interesting stat from the conference was Jim Greer stating that 20% of the game plays on Kongregate are from multiplayer games. I’d be curious to know the engagement time, to contrast the multi-player engagement with AddictingGames’ stat that Flash games hit the sweet spot with 5–7 minutes of engagement.

Here’s a link to my re-cap on MochiLand, with photo and video from the event. You can also refer to coverage from Gamezebo, Futuristic Play, Sachin Rekhi and Iman about the space.