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Washington Scenic Drive: Cascade Loop


The Pacific Northwest has a lot more to it than just rain; it has amazing scenery and plenty of outdoorsy activities. I went on Cascade Loop last weekend on a drive with Sachin across the Cascade Mountains and into Eastern Washington. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, and a great way to see the rest of Washington.

The drive is approximately 440 miles long, and takes a winding route east through the Cascade Foothills, across Stevens Pass, into some little towns towns, along Lake Chelan, and back on the North Cascades Highway — highlighted by Ross Lake and Diablo Lake. It’s worth stopping along the way. Leavenworth is a very cute, touristy Bavarian village that pretends that it’s from the Swiss Alps. The overall effect is charming! There is all this quaint atypical script lettering for chains such as Starbucks, Wells Fargo Bank etc. . . it reminded me of watching Shrek. Another town, Winthrop, looked as if it belonged in a Western movie.

Here’s another one, this time of Diablo Lake on the way back.


See more pictures, including one of Leavenworth.


Lake Chelan (click on image)


Leavenworth, the cute Bavarian village (click on image)


Sachin and me (click on image)