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Whirlwind year and new blog name

It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve posted an update. Yes, I fell off the blogging wagon once wedding planning kicked into high gear. It’s been a whirlwind year with first Mochi Media’s acquisition, running the second year of Flash Gaming Summit, and nearest to my heart — getting married! On April 24th, I officially tied the knot with Sachin Rekhi and I’ve updated my blog name to match.


Sachin and I had the task of organizing a multi-cultural wedding which involved 5 outfits and 2 ceremonies. We had a Hindu wedding ceremony, a traditional Western wedding ceremony, and during the course of the day I changed into Indian, American and Chinese dresses. We were even featured in a local paper about the challenges of blending wedding traditions.

Getting married was like an advanced exercise in project planning and efficient use of technology. To give you an idea, during the planning process we shared 53 Google spreadsheets and documents between us! Our (fortunate or unfortunate, take your pick) wedding party was presented on the big day with a large packet of timeline, tasks and details to make sure everything ran smoothly. All that aside, we couldn’t have made it happen without the support and love of our family and friends. 🙂 Thanks everyone!