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Facebook and RockYou on Performance Marketing for Social Media

    I attended 80/20 Conference, an interesting performance marketing event earlier this week put on by Jay Weintraub. Lots of interesting content there besides this, but posting my quick notes below on a session called “Sustainable Monetization of Social Media Inventory” from Facebook and RockYou. SpeakersSarah Smith, Online Sales Operations, FacebookMihir Shah, VP Ad Network, RockYou RockYou 15 billions ads & 200 million uniques served each month. 60% of social media traffic. A third of their revenus is based on performance marketing The challenges of monetizing the Facebook platform is that there’s a high number of impressions per user RockYou differentaites… Read More »Facebook and RockYou on Performance Marketing for Social Media

    GDC Austin: MMO and Virtual World Monetization

      An MMOs and Virtual Worlds Panel at PlaySpan’s Monetization 2.0 Forum had some great data points. I did some scribbling and typed up my notes below so forgive any inaccuracies. The panel was moderated by EA’s Nanea Reeves with panelists: Jim Crowley l CEO, Turbine Cary Rosenzweig l CEO, IMVU Johny Mang l EA- Dice Tom Hale | Chief Product Officer, Linden Labs/ Second Life John Bates | Entropia Joshua Hong | K2 Network Linden Second Life makes close to $100 million and not less than $80 million. They make money in three ways: 1) sale of currency, 2) premium… Read More »GDC Austin: MMO and Virtual World Monetization

      PAX 2009: What is an ‘Indie Game’? Panel

        I’ve cleaned up a quick version of a transcript at the ‘What is an “Indie Game” Panel’ at PAX over the weekend. As these things go, it’s probably only about 80% complete so please excuse any omissions in the content. Enjoy! PAX 2009: What is an ‘Indie Game’? Panel Panel Description: The rise in game platforms and distribution mechanisms has elevated the cultural profile of indie games. But along with this increased attention is an increasing debate about how to break through in the market. What really makes an indie title? Is it the game’s budget, art style, community outreach, or… Read More »PAX 2009: What is an ‘Indie Game’? Panel

        PAX 2009: A Strategic Approach to Game Design

          Geoffrey Zatkin, president and COO of Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR), gave an interesting talk about what strategic questions developers should ask themselves before diving into game development. While I don’t believe that this is 100% relevant to the Flash games market, it did raise some interesting questions for me on how smaller indie devs can look for market data in planning their games. It may not be to this level, but it’s a great framework to think about what questions you could ask! I’d love to hear anyone who has thoughts on this. A Strategic Approach to Game Design… Read More »PAX 2009: A Strategic Approach to Game Design

          PAX 2009: Designing Indie Games With a Team of One

            I spent the past weekend at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. It was a fantastic, packed event and definitely felt more like a gamer convention than a developer convention. The gamer enthusiasm ran the gamut from complex D&D games featuring 20-sided dice, card games like Magic, to XBLA games and hardcore console games. This year, PAX was huge with an estimated count of 75,000 attendees. Designing indie games with a team of one One of the most interesting talks I attended was “Designing indie games with a team of one” given by Michael Todd, the creator of several cool games and… Read More »PAX 2009: Designing Indie Games With a Team of One

            Video and Notes from Casual Connect 2009: Emerging Revenue Channels for Flash Games, Social…

              In addition to my observations from Casual Connect, I spoke at the conference about emerging revenue channels within Flash games. I’ve linked the slides here. Earlier last week, I also joined the Leadership Development Forum to lead a roundtable on “Social Networking and Branded Games” with Vicky Tamaru of Plexipixel. Hosted WordPress doesn’t let me embed the video but you can watch the roundtable summary here on Ustream. Thanks to Deborah from GarageGames for an eloquent recap!

              Casual Connect 2009 Recap and Observations

                I just wrapped up the week at Casual Connect in Seattle. Overall, a great conference and big kudos to Jessica Tams and the Casual Games Association team for putting it on and growing the attendance to new highs in a difficult economy. 🙂 I’m not planning to spend too much time summarizing the content, though there’s some great overviews of the content out there already — Gamezebo has some nice roundups and there are some good summaries of sessions like how Corpse Craft turned RTS Casual and Jim and Greg from Kongregate on Fatal Flaws in Flash Game Design and Development. Instead, here’s… Read More »Casual Connect 2009 Recap and Observations

                The World of Flash Games

                  We just wrapped up Flash Gaming Summit on Sunday and it was a packed event with lots of interesting discussions and thoughts come out of it. There was a good mix of games-related companies, game portals and independent developers. I thought the most interesting conversations came discussion around Flash games intersecting with multi-player, virtual MMOs and social games. As games increase in quality, richer multi-player experiences enable them to increase the engagement beyond the majority short-form content that exists today into content that drives repeatable plays. One interesting stat from the conference was Jim Greer stating that 20% of the… Read More »The World of Flash Games

                  The Different Dialects of Casual Game Monetization

                    Games are hot lately and GDC 2009 is just around the corner. When talking about games, most people tend to think about the business of making games in the loose terms of console, casual and mobile. However, the casual games industry is definitely a lot more segmented than that. The conversations become radically different depending on what group you’re speaking with. The basis for why this is stems from the underlying economics of each industry. This can be summed up in one question: How are you monetizing your users? Put a grab bag of casual games people in the online… Read More »The Different Dialects of Casual Game Monetization

                    Gearing up for Flash Gaming Summit on Sunday

                      I’ve been busy organizing the Flash Gaming Summit this coming week, which is a one-day conference dedicated exclusively to the Flash game development community. The conference is a mix of speaker sessions and panels, and also features The Mochis, which recognizes the best Flash Games of 2008. Check out this amazing video which Brandon from WeGame made for us to recognize the finalists. We’ve had an amazing response from the Flash games community for this event, and the event sold out last week. Unfortunately if you’re not registered already you’re out of luck, but you can still follow it on… Read More »Gearing up for Flash Gaming Summit on Sunday